Mom,Honey…i’m going to war !

In the last day’s we all know what’s happening in Romania. Over 300K people in Bucharest and over 150K all over the country the people had decided that’s enough what’s going on with Romania, they had enough and they started the biggest protest since 1989.

They had enough and decided that is time to stop the coruption and fight for their rights. Well i will not write all the stupid things about the law’s that  Ronanian parliament adopted but i will talk about the real problem in Europe and the biggest problems in Romania and what they are trying to do here.

This is just a game, a game plan put head to head by real power and the biggest corporations who rull the world. I used to say that everithing happens with a reason, i don’t want to be be a dream broker but i don’t think all this event’s will change something in Romania, they do and write law’s for them, for those motherfuckers who sit with their big fat ass’es in their fancy chairs in the Romanian parliament. 

Since 89′ all they have tryed to do was to sell this country piece by piece and after 27 year’s they had succed. They have been manipulated and step by step they have sold this country inch by inch. Every forest, every piece of beach, every inch of mountain just for their fucked up interests. After all this years you probably say ” Wel, better latter then never “, the ideea is that i don’t think they will change something, not like see, if you want to get lose of a problem you need to cut the problem from the base.

What’s happening now in my country is just the begining of a new stage of the game, of their fucked up game. EU is very powerfull so they have decided to break this…let’s say family. Wich country is easy to manipulate, we all know that Romania was the only one who have payed all the money to the M.B and was one of the richest country in the world.

Indeed, the romanian people had to fight with some bad times but all of those sacrifices were just to give the money back and escape from that cage. Some of the biggest and powerfull people in the world didn’t liked this. The people had enough and let’s say the ” Maya ” decided to use the people frustration about that period and they have manipulated the people and kill the romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu. Since then Romania was fallen even more.

About this story of 2017 is that if we don’t clean the romanian parliament we will fall more and more. Over 4 mil romanians are working in other countryes because the minimum wage in Romania is 180£ and a bread is around 50p, a bottle of milk is around 80p, a cig. Pack is 3 £ and so on. You can’t live with this money one month, and pay the for utilitis  It’s to late to change something in this country without cuting the biggest problem…those who rull Romania and put them where they belong, in prison !

I always said that in chase of war i will go, i will go with no regret at war, but why? For who? For my family, friends? For my girlfriend? I will not be able to help them from there, the first lane. We all think that if we go to war and fight we fight for our country, for our families. No, it’s the biggest lie ever exist, we go there and fight for their interests and that’s all. We fight for a big conpany and to be honest, if they liked to be manipulated, go on ! We ! We as a country, we the romanian people …we did a big mistake, we have closed our eyes and decided to go to sleep when actualy we supposed to stay awake and fight for our country.

Well done Romania ! It’s to fucking late to fight now ! It’s to late !
I am Oscar and keep your eyes open, we are coming !